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CleanPrint is a flexographic plate technology specifically engineered by Asahi. It features low plate surface energy that transfers all remaining ink to the printed substrate. Compared to conventional plates, this reduces press-cleaning stops, creating a significant profitability improvement. These plates deliver very high resolution with fine screen rulings and minimum dots fading out to zero, allowing a broader total colour gamut to be achieved, providing more design flexibility and enhanced graphic quality.


Our CleanPrint plates result in a higher printing press efficiency (OEE) because:

+ CleanPrint ensures fewer press stops for plate cleaning, increasing press utilization by up to 40%

+ CleanPrint plates shorten frequent job changes up to 50% by providing precise plate registration, shortening makeready time and reducing waste

+ Our experience shows that simply implementing Asahi CleanPrint plates can improve your printing press efficiency by giving you up to 1/3 more production capacity with your existing machine park!


The first revolutionary development.

CrystalCleanConnect is the first truly revolutionary development in flexography in many years: a first-in-the-world totally automated flexographic platemaking solution jointly developed by Asahi Photoproducts, ESKO and Kongsberg, all industry leaders. Several commercial installations have now proven its value proposition: Reducing plate production steps from 12 to 1 for press-ready plates, improving plate quality and consistency, reducing operator handling time by 90% and ink consumption by up to 20%. 

CleanPrint fixed colour palette

Fixed Colour Palette

Achieve more than 90% of Pantone colours!

Asahi CleanPrint flexographic printing plates are ideally suited for Fixed Colour Palette printing using a fixed set of 4 to 7 inks and requiring precise plate-to-plate registration. Experts confirmed that fixed colour palette printing using seven colours can match as many as 90% or more of the 1867 named Pantone spot colours, achieving a much wider colour gamut compared to limited standard printing technologies.

Fixed Colour Palette printing is a proven approach that has long been successful in offset printing. Now, with the precise and predictable performance of Asahi CleanPrint plates, Fixed Colour Palette printing is viable in flexo printing operations as well. Discover the benefits in our ebook!

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