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Shanghai Hengze Printing Company Leverages Asahi Plates for Successful Transition from Letterpress to Flexo

Tokyo, Japan & Brussels, Belgium, April 25, 2019 – Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, today reported that Chinese label manufacturer Shanghai Hengze Printing Company has adopted Asahi AWP™-DEF water-washable plates with Clean Transfer Technology to boost quality and improve its competitive positioning. The company also uses Asahi’s AWP-2530 AA plate processor to ensure the utmost in quality and stability of its plates. The company was founded in 2001 as a letterpress shop producing labels for products in daily use among the Chinese population. Hengze has an annual output of 75 million yuan (11.1 million dollars) and 48 employees who are dedicated to delivering excellence for the company’s customers. Shanghai Hengze offers complete end-to-end services under one roof, from product design and prepress to the finished product, enabling a high level of customization and personalized service for its customers.

Shanghai Hengze was looking for a solution to improve its overall quality. Mr. Li Xiaocheng, founder of Hengze, said, “With letterpress, the limitation of printing equipment structure and the ink transfer process result in a difference in color from start to finish of the run. With the Asahi AWP™-DEF flexographic process plates, we do not experience this phenomenon and our overall quality has been greatly improved.”

“We introduced flexographic printing to our business in 2013,” Mr. Li added. “We conducted extensive research into the best flexographic plate solution with assistance from Professor Yin Jinhua, an expert in the industry, with multiple tests using solvent-based and water-washable plates from a variety of manufacturers. The final result was our choice of Asahi AWP™-DEF water washable plates with Clean Transfer Technology, and the performance of these plates in practice has validated that we made the right choice.”

Clean Transfer Technology plates from Asahi Photoproducts such as its AWP™-DEF plates have been specifically engineered to transfer all remaining ink to the printed substrate. This is due to the plate’s lower surface energy. Clean Transfer Technology plates do not need to be cleaned as often as conventional digital solvent plates. Reduction of plate cleaning stops creates a significant productivity improvement as well as more consistent quality.

Shanghai Hengze cites five primary reasons for selecting Asahi AWP™-DEF plates:

  1. These plates deliver a much smaller dot gain than the solvent-based plates that were tested. Because solvent does not completely evaporate from plates during processing, a certain amount of dot deformation results.
  2. The surface tension of the AWP™-DEF plate is more closely matched to the UV inks Hengze is using, meaning that the optimum amount of ink being transferred to the substrate is achieved more quickly than with solvent-based plates, resulting in faster time to market and less waste.
  3. AWP™-DEF print quality is better than the two other washable versions tested. The other washable plates use polymer rubber, which cannot deliver the fine dots Hengze’s quality work demands.
  4. The AWP™-DEF plate has a high surface flatness and minimal deformation during printing, making it easier for the press operator to maintain high quality throughout the run.
  5. AWP™-DEF plates can reduce gear mark, and have obvious advantages when compared with the other plates tested.

Hengze chose to use the Asahi AWP™-2530 AA plate processor since its analysis showed that it offers superior performance when compared to domestic alternatives. The processor also includes a dryer, exposure and post exposure unit that is stable with a low error rate. It does a good job of washing out the plate, resulting in steep printing dot shoulders. The analysis also found that the AWP™-2530 AA plate processor consistently delivered plates with a uniform thickness. “All of these characteristics add to the overall quality of the combined solution,” Mr. Li concluded.

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ASA_pr19006_1: From left to right: Doctor Yin Jinhua, Consultant, former professor of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (Affiliated to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology) and member of China label association. Mr. Li Yong, President of Hengze and son of Mr. Li Xiaocheng. Mr. Yuji Suzuki, Head of the Technical Training Center at Asahi Photoproducts in China. Mr. Li Xiaocheng, Consultant, Founder of Hengze. Now part of the management advisory board. Father of President Li Yong.

ASA_pr19006_2: From left to right: Mr. Li Xiaocheng, Founder of Hengze. Now part of the management advisory board. Father of President Li Yong. Mr. Yuji Suzuki, Head of the Technical Training Center at Asahi Photoproducts in China with the new ALL-IN-ONE AWP™-2530 AA flexographic processor designed to meet demand for the highest quality from today’s discerning customers.

ASA_pr19006_3: Mr. Yuji Suzuki, Head of the Technical Training Center at Asahi Photoproducts in China during the inspection of the AWP™- DEF plate quality.

ASA_pr19006_4 / ASA_pr19006_5: The company has achieved ISO national quality system certification, UL certification, SGS certification, and QS certification. Hengze won the Grand Prix of the “Sun Cup” Label Grand Prix (the Olympics in the label industry) twice. Hengze attaches great importance to environmental protection and actively promotes green printing, low energy consumption, low emissions and high output.

About Shanghai Hengze Printing Company

Shanghai Hengze Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and specializes in the production of various types of labels. It has its own design and platemaking competency and uses various printing and finishing methods such as letterpress printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing and digital printing, a production portfolio that includes the world’s leading prepress and print production equipment. It is a self-adhesive label manufacturer that serves customers across a variety of industries.

Shanghai Hengze Printing Company adheres to the business philosophy of abiding by integrity, paying attention to performance, delivering enhanced service, and actively innovating on an ongoing basis.

About Asahi Photoproducts

Asahi Photoproducts is a subsidiary of the Asahi Kasei Corporation. Asahi Photoproducts is a leading pioneer in the development of photopolymer flexo printing plates. By creating high quality flexographic solutions and through continued innovation, the company aims at driving print forward in balance with the environment.

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