Sustainability: A Goal Worth Pursuing

by Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager


Due to both consumer demand and climate crisis pressures, we see that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to brands. To reduce carbon impact, brands must engage the entire supply chain for a life cycle assessment of the carbon footprint for each of their products. To the extent that other stakeholders across the supply chain have measured their carbon footprint in accordance with PAS 2050, brands can apply those CO2 emission calculations to their own footprint. Thus, brands should be looking for suppliers who are pursuing a carbon measured strategy or whose products/materials have already been measured.


Asahi Photoproducts is proud of its achievement of the CO2 Neutral certification from the Carbon Trust for its AWPTM-DEW CleanPrint water-washable flexographic printing plates.


This white paper discusses what sustainability means in the context of the growing climate crisis and outlines the efforts Asahi Photoproducts has undertaken toward achieving a new industry sustainability milestone: accelerating carbon reduction in flexographic printing. We hope by leading the way that many others will follow, further establishing flexography as the printing technology of choice for packaging brands and consumer product companies worldwide

For more information about how Asahi CleanPrint can boost productivity, sustainability and profitability for your business, the packaging industry and flexography as a whole while meeting the toughest customer quality requirements, download our free white paper today.



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