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Heartfelt Congratulations to Dr. David Galton

Recognized by FTA Europe with a lifetime achievement award for his many contributions to the industry!

By Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager, Asahi Photoproducts

Although our long-time colleague Dr. David Galton has been retired for some time, he is certainly not forgotten here at Asahi Photoproducts – and the well-deserved lifetime achievement award from FTA Europe is a strong demonstration that the industry has not forgotten him either!

David clearly deserves this award for more than 30 years of contributions to the flexo industry at large. He is a recognized thought leader and has done much to advance both the technology and visibility of the flexographic industry.

Dr. David Galton explaining a magazine about flexographic products.

Throughout his career, David has been an active researcher and has published numerous technical papers and articles over the years that have helped position flexography as an increasingly viable technology in labels and packaging. He also served as chairman of the European Flexographic Industry Association.

I have had the pleasure of working with David for almost two decades, and I am continually amazed at his boundless energy, his sincere enthusiasm for the industry, and his wonderful sense of humor. He is a good sport, a mentor, and an evangelist for the industry.

I know that the Asahi Photoproducts team is joining me in congratulating David on this prestigious award, the second lifetime achievement award he has received, which is in itself an achievement!

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