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Clean and in balance with the environment

As regulatory agencies around the world place more stringent focus on environmental sustainability, Asahi Photoproducts continues to innovate platemaking technology with a solution that aims to produce plates in an office-type environment, processing photopolymer reducing VOC’s into the atmosphere. CleanPrint plates use less ink, emitting fewer VOCs in the pressroom. There is less makeready waste and waste due to plate cleaning press stops, adding even more environmental sustainability to the process. And more efficient throughput means less energy consumption. Not only does this help with regulatory compliance, it creates a safer, cleaner work environment for employees.

In fact, CleanPrint plates can be produced in an office-type environment, processing photopolymer without introducing VOC’s into the atmosphere.

CleanPrint plates offer a win/win solution to flexographic platemaking. Flexo printers/converters win by increasing capacity and reducing costs. Brand owners win by reliably acquiring extremely high-quality packaging that sets them apart on the shelf without incurring excessive costs. Everyone wins by making the flexographic printing process more environmentally sustainable.

For more information about how Asahi CleanPrint can boost productivity and profitability while meeting the toughest customer quality requirements, please check our whitepaper.

About Asahi Photoproducts

Asahi Photoproducts was founded in 1971 and is a subsidiary of the Asahi Kasei Corporation. Asahi Photoproducts is a leading pioneer in the development of photopolymer flexo printing plates. By creating high quality flexographic solutions and through continued innovation, the company aims at driving print forward in balance with the environment.

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