Asahi Photoproducts participates in FLEX SO GOOD

Tokyo, Japan, & Brussels, Belgium. July 29, 2016 – Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development confirmed its participation in FLEX SO GOOD on 22 and 23 September 2016, when the Uteco group will host this important event at its headquarters in Colognola ai Colli (VR). During the event, the industry will be able to personally meet representatives from the primary companies involved in the flexo production process.

Visitors will also be able to experience many of the new flexography-related products recently introduced at drupa 2016. This is especially important for those who could not attend the fair. They will have the opportunity to talk to experts and see live demonstrations at Uteco’s ConverDrome. This will include the production of flexible packaging that highlights the printing quality and productivity that can be achieved with flexo, thanks to currently available technology.

Participating companies include: Uteco Group, 3M Italy, Prades, Sun Chemical, Simec Group, Rossini, Asahi Photoproducts, Camis, I&C/Gama, and Grafikontrol. The program will be available at 1500 on Thursday, 22 September, and again at 0930 on Friday, 23 September. Each session will include a brief presentation by the sponsoring companies, followed by a practical demonstration using the technologies offered by these companies: flexo printing presses, cushion mount double-sided adhesives, inks, Anilox sleeves, photopolymer plates, cliché mounting systems, control and automation systems, and control equipment.

Blending proven flexo plate solutions with innovative new options

At the event, Asahi Photoproducts will present its unique Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer, which enables kiss touch printing that delivers improved ink transfer, reduces ink filling in the mid-tone area thus reducing dot gain, and results in fewer cleaning intervals for improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Asahi will also show AWPTM-DEF water-washable plates, which produce superior results compared to traditional technologies, even outperforming the latest generation of digital flexographic printing plates. The AWPTM-DEF plate delivers a level of graphic reproduction with more complete ink transfer and a wider tonal range due to its unique construction and use of Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer. With its solvent-free platemaking process, there is no need for high temperatures in processing, resulting in a perfect, dimensionally stable plate that ensures high quality print registration without colour shift.

Asahi AWPTM– DEF plates achieve a high quality print performance as a result of their engineered photopolymer chemistry design. With a very high plate resolution designed for fine text and minimum dots fading out to zero, the unique plate specification allows a larger total colour gamut to be achieved, particularly in any highlight areas, providing more design flexibility and graphic quality. It is also ideal for fixed colour palette printing due to the precise registration that can be achieved.

These plates are the only solution on the market able to combine the printing characteristics mentioned above, including Pinning for Clean Technology Transfer, to deliver proven results, financially and in terms of greater operational efficiency and faster time to market.

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About Asahi Photoproducts

Asahi Photoproducts is a subsidiary of the Asahi Kasei Corporation, which was founded in 1971 holding its European Headquarters in Belgium, Asahi Photoproducts is one of the leading pioneers of flexographic photopolymer plate development. By creating high quality flexographic solutions and through continued innovation, the company aims at driving print forward in balance with the environment.”